Artwork Information

Artwork Guidelines & Charges

Artwork Proofs for Order

When you place an order, we will create a proof for you to approve before we place the order into production. For orders with embroidery, we will email a photograph of the embroidered logo(s) for you to approve. Only once the order has been approved can we start production on the order.

Supplying Artwork


For embroidery designs we can use pretty much anything , a link to your website with some info is enough but we do prefer to use Hi Res Jpeg, PDF, PNG files where possible.


For print files, we requires Vectorised EPS or PDF files with the fonts converted to curves. Failure to supply these will lead to additional artwork charges for your order as we will need to re-draw your logo in a suitable format for us to use.

Artwork Charges

Whether your order contains embroidery or print, should the order value be in excess of £100 we will set up/draw one logo free of charge if need be (for every £100 of order value we set up one logo, so for example should your order be valued at £250.00 but has 3 separate logos, you would only be charged artwork charges for one logo). Orders below/outside of them parameters are subject to the following artwork charges:


A one off set up fee of £25.00 is applied to set up the logo in embroidery software. Should you every re-order, this charge wouldn’t apply again. Please note that even if you supply one of our preferred file formats for embroidery (see above) it will still need to be re-drawn in specialist embroidery software.

Embroidery designs need to be designed differently depending on their size/use. For example you may want to embroider your new company logo onto the left chest and across the back of your order of fleeces. This would require 2 separate files to be drawn as the back embroidery will be much larger and therefore it would require a different style of stitching to give it the best finish. The same applies to caps. If you have any questions regarding this just contact us and we’ll be glad to help!


For logos that require printing, for us to reproduce your logo we require it in one of the file formats above. If you are unable to provide the logo in these formats, we can draw it for you but there is a cost of £25.00 applied to every logo. But again if your order is above £100 we would re-draw this FREE OF CHARGE for you. If you have any questions about your artwork, see our FAQ page or Contact us for advice!