Welcome To The CMS Teamwear Kit Shop...

Welcome To The CMS Teamwear Kit Shop...

Established in 2004, CMS Teamwear has grown to become 1 of the Premier Teamwear and Promotional Clothing Suppliers in Wales and the South West.

This has been achieved with a fast turnaround on orders, good value for money products and strong relationships with our customers. We always strive to ensure our products follow the latest trends and stand out from the competition.

Our growth has seen our premises expand and our production capability grow to meet demand. Each year has seen the company invest more in machinery and equipment to increase our production potential. We fully believe that by choosing CMS Teamwear you are in good hands!

So get in touch today and experience how CMS can assist you with Teamwear, Corporate Wear, Workwear, School Uniforms, Kits, Embroidery, Heat pressing, Trophies & Awards for your organisation.